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Common Materials Used As Cooking Area Counters

benchs.25In most cases, granite and marble are used as materials for constructing cooking area counters. However, the choices are many and varied when it comes to choosing a counter material for cooking areas based on varying properties like durability, aesthetics and usability. Hence, as per the requirements of a homeowner, the looks he or she wishes to achieve in a cooking area as well as a budget range, one can take their pick from the countertop market.

Affordable options
Though granite and marble are considered to be durable and long term choices for a kitchen counter, slate can be a similar choice and a cheaper one too. Even though slate has an unassuming appearance, many love the gray or black matte look of a kitchen that a slate slab offers, different from the polished finishes of granite and laminex kitchen benchtops. This material is made attractive by using different methods and is made suitable for cooking area use by the manufacturers.
Properties of slate as a cooking area counter
When you are contemplating, considering slate as the material of which your cooking area counter would be made of, you need to consider the properties of the material. The material is well suited to protect itself from high heat, similar to laminate benchtop installation. Hence, a hot pot can be placed directly on the surface without fear of damaging the surface. The slabs are usually unsealed which means there is no sealant layers added which might melt or burn away over time. The heat is naturally distributed by this stone which makes it ideal for cooking area surfaces. However, direct cutting on the surface is not advised as this can lead to ugly scratches or marks that can mar the surface. With abrasive scrubbing deeper scratches or marks can be removed.
Properties of marble
When compared to slate, marble is known to stain easily due to which slate or granite is more preferred as they are resistant to stains. Marble does not absorb moisture and is a harder surface than slate. However, slate is known to be porous and soft and hence can absorb moisture, which is slow and does not cause permanent damage to the surface. The conditioning of the slabs of slate by mineral oil helps to preserve these counters for long.
Soapstone and others
The durability of soapstone is more due to which it can be considered against the slate. The strength of this material is also more and its appearance, though similar to slate, has distinctness due to light colored stains and other natural markings that characterize this stone. Chipping and staining are also resisted more by soapstone as compared to slate, but it is a more expensive option.

How To Become A Graphic Designer

marketings.7In a world of technology, graphic designing has become a famous trend. It is created and published in various platforms including print media, social media and various online platforms. Creating this kind of visual communication is not easy. To get employed in this industry, you not only need to be creative, but knowledgeable technical skills as well. If you are interested in building a career in this field, here is what you need to know.

Build skills in high school
Making an effort to pursue your passion earlier on will enable you to be knowledgeable about the industry. Try taking classes that will enable you to get an idea about how this industry works. For instance, taking art history, computing or web designing will give you the closure you need. In order to gain some practical knowledge, join the magazine society or the yearbook committee.

Earn your degree
If you are confident about starting a career in the field, then you need to possess at least an undergraduate degree. This educational experience will give you an in-depth understanding about the industry and will enable you to learn more skills and abilities. Having a degree in the field will not only make you knowledgeable, but will also enable you to find a job in a company that offers graphic design for hire.

Get an internship
If you are planning to work in a reliable & cheap company or even start a graphic designers for hire on your own, having field experience will help you to get employed quite easily. Not all colleges offer internships for their students. But, getting employed during your campus years will enable you to gain the practical skills knowledge that you need. Moreover, it will also create opportunities for you to work with reputable companies and professionals in the industry.
Create a portfolio
Remember that your portfolio is the most important part of your resume. The works you present to your interviewer enables them to judge your skills and competency. Do not limit yourself to the cliché ideas. Include a variety of skills and create diverse ideas. This will not only make you look creative, but also flexible as well. Also, remember to create a unique impression by using your personal style in all your works. As much as it is important to be knowledgeable and smart, you must also be unique social media marketing virtual assistant and innovative in this industry. Once you get these requirements in order, you will be able to find a job in the industry and create a name for yourself quite easily.